No sitting fees, complete packages only $199 with no fine print!!

BEWARE OF THE GUY ADVERTISING $100 BEACH PICS! You are just a number to these cheapo photographers, as you can tell by the horrible photos, look at all of the poor lighting and shadows, notice how they do “back to back” sessions all day, it is no longer “quality at this point, it’s just quantity” Our photographers have more experience, and actually take the time with each member of your family, and we do not rush your session so that the other family can get their picture done in poor light! Listen, there are only 2 times a day where you can get good lighting, and if you are told by the “$100 special guy” anything other than sunset, then you are wasting your time, and money! 3 Sons photography has been around a lot longer, and we want you to come back, and see us again every year! Check out our photos, and remember “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! “


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